Detox Treatment

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Detox Treatment

Master Cleanse Total Detox

50 Detox Sessions

A 4-in-1 Multi-system detox program. Combining 4 different relaxing detox therapies, this program improves your blood and lymph circulation throughout the entire body, bringing nutrients to our cells and removing waste by-products and focuses on overall wellness of the body. It is beneficial for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, insomnia, seldom perspire, suffer from water retention, stiff muscles, lower back pain and shoulder aches which indicates blockage in the overall circulation.


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Detox Treatment

Ion Osmosis Foot Detox

30 Minutes

Ion Osmosis is a foot spa based on ionization of water and osmosis of these energy ions to draw toxins out from the body through the 20,000 pores on the soles of our feet under the effects of the electric field. We accumulate toxins through the air we breathe, our skin exposed to toxic environment, food we eat and water that we drink; sometimes toxin emulates from ourselves when we are under stress.


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