Beautiful skin in your 30s, 40s, 50s!

Maintaining a well balanced beauty routine is important!

Too much sun causes overexposure to UV rays that can actually weaken the elasticity of our skin.

Singapore is well known for its humid weather conditions. And do you know we experience high levels of UV radiation year round, averaging six to nine on the daily maximum UV Index? Too much sun can actually weaken the elasticity of our skin. Prevention should start young by maintaining a well balanced beauty routine which includes sufficient sleep, water, eating less processed food and applying sunblock.

Qi (气) circulation

To improve the detoxification and regeneration of good skin cells, it is also essential to improve the Qi (气) circulation to maintain our skin’s glow and retain its elasticity. Add a routine Meridian Facelift Therapy to improve your facial’s Qi (气) flow by using a patented magnetic physiotherapy tool, it emits magnetic waves to unblock your meridians and acupoints with an addition application of meridian cream that supplies nutrients for skin cell rejuvenation. Not only does it help to tighten your skin to regain its bounciness, it is also effective for reducing wrinkles and returning a more contoured V shape jaw line.

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