Case: Eczema, 54.

Case: Eczema, 54.

Sharing this beautiful story of a client. She kept a dark secret for years. I believe her major eczema flare-up in 2013 at age 46 was due to emotional stress as she did not have eczema before.

3 wks ago she came to @bodyinc. She wept as she recounted the story of her long-time relationship with a Malay man whom she believed her family (Chinese) would be against. Her mum would never approve her relationship with a Muslim. Apparently her family cares for her a lot. She felt guilty hiding this secret relationship. Yet she was fearful that her mum will ask her to leave him.

I saw love in her & her family, but her mind was stuck in fear and guilt.

Perfect love casts out fear, I firmly believe. I asked her, “Which mother will object to a relationship that is so loving like yours with your boyfriend? He takes good care of you & loves you. True love conquers all. Have courage, tell your mum! For all you know, she will bless you. Anything hidden in the dark would eat u up from within. Bring it to the light. When people see your heart filled with love, there is no reason they do not give you blessings. Now let the power of love heal and resolve your issues.”

Yesterday, she looked radiant and happy.

Her mom knew and accepted them. Her eczema on arms healed by 40%. She was very grateful that she spoke to me. I am so happy for her. True love conquers all. Lolxx... I am a #hopelessromanticaboutlife 🤣. I told her I wish to see her wedding soon. She giggled. Love is so amazing, isn’t it?

Fear and guilt can make one sick.

Cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf, “The latest research shows if you think in a toxic way, u generate toxic signals, the neurobiological computers can’t work properly, cell division is affected, and we can start creating patterns of vulnerability in our brain and body which increase the chance of disease. Research shows that abt 75-98% of illnesses today come from how we think.. Genetic research shows that disease comes from generations passing through incorrect decisions which cause mutations, which add to that toxic signals and you have breakdown in the body and increase vulnerability.”

Case CS01548-2


Jacelyn Tay 05/02/2021

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