Case: Eczema since Childhood, 25yo.

Case: Eczema since Childhood, 25yo.

When she came to Body Inc on 15Oct, flareup was on her full body. She also experienced irregular heartbeat due to anxiety issue. She went through our #2OneResetDetoxProgram. After 3 weeks of detox, her skin eventually started to heal.

History: 4 yr old, eczema started at fingers. P1 to NUS - neck, inner elbow, back of knee. It flared up badly since Dec 2019 when she started drinking red wine with friends. She had 2 steroid injections. Mar 2020, 1 steroid injection. Since then, her skin never recovered.

Prior coming to #BodyInc, this young client used to have cramps and clots during menses. Last wk her menses came, she had no cramp and no clot after she went through detox.

Now still some itching at night around 11pm, but her sleep has improved a lot. Previously either she couldn't sleep the entire night or she could only manage to sleep at 2-4am. Now she can sleep at 1am. Not excellent yet, but I think it is a great improvement. Best is, her anxiety is gone and no more irregular heartbeat.

Stress is one of the major factor for eczema.

Whenever I do an eczema or autoimmune case, the most tricky part is stress and insomnia.

This is a mind issue which needs to be fixed.

If not, immune system may be compromised and eczema is hard to heal. For any skin problem, or if you want beautiful skin, sleep is No.1.

Both my young client and me are very happy with the results. She will need few more months to totally recover, but I am sure she can do it.

I must give credit to her determination in keeping a good diet, totally free from processed foods.

As a young lady of age 25, she has the wisdom to know that drugs is not the long-term solution unless she fixes her immune system. And she is very disciplined in her diet. Proud of you girl! 👍👍👍👏👏👏

Case: CS01508-2

Jacelyn Tay 10/11/2020

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