Detox is necessary for the skin.

Air pollutants and dirt from the environment can clog your pores, these accumulated toxins in your body can cause your complexion to suffer.

Detoxify your skin.

Our skin is the largest detoxification organ and it is constantly plague with toxin from our surroundings; air pollution, stress and even product buildup from our cosmetic. Remember to include the basics such as cleansing, hydrating by eating fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking 8 glasses of water daily. To snap back the skin to its natural detoxification process, it is also essential to improve the skin’s Qi (气) circulation.

Unclog facial meridian points for better complexion.

Body Inc’s Meridian Facelift Therapy not only unblocks the meridians and acupoints, creating instant lifting that prevents wrinkles from forming, it also detoxifies congested skin, hence reducing eye bags, double chin and dark eye circles. Elasticity and health for a younger complexion is restored.

Try Body Inc’s Meridian Facelift Therapy and see the difference in just a single session!

For 1st Trial at $98 (Usual $380).

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