Find the art in tea!

Drinking tea has many health benefits.

We are talking about herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint etc and NOT black/green teas which contain caffeine. With zero caffeine but high content in antioxidants, herbal teas are good for your heart health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases,infections and kills cancer cells. And there are actually much more things you can do with tea leaves other than brewing and drinking it! . 1. Infuse tea in desserts! Steep tea in warm milk, and add the tea-infused milk in your bakeries the next time you bake!

2. Cook your grains with tea! Use brewed tea instead of water while cooking your rice the next time, the tea dresses rice in another unique flavor!

3. Use tea as soup stock! Tea is a much more healthier option than stock cubes! . Each kind of tea has it’s own unique flavor, play with the varieties and add a touch of your favorite tea-aroma to dishes and desserts!

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