Healthy lashes, happy lashes!

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

A pair of well groomed lashes will open your eyes and your soul.

Do you know what it takes to take good care of your lashes?

Tips to care for your lashes

Avoid using fake eyelashes.

Many women use fake eyelashes as an alternative to mascara. But do you know that the glue is full of chemical and applying it to the roots of the eyelids can weaken the lash and cost them to fall off.

Give your eyes a break

It is always good to opt for a no eye makeup look once in awhile. Your lashes will thank you for allowing them to breathe. So why not opt for a no eye makeup this weekend!

Remove all traces of makeup

Are you one of those who dreads spending time to painstakingly remove your waterproof eyeliner and mascara? Our eyelashes are like our hair and it can dry up, become brittle and break or weaken and fall off. Always remember the most important step at the end of the day is to remove your eye makeup.

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