Let your eyes tell the story

Your eyes are your windows to the soul!

Don’t let eye-area wrinkles, dark eye circles and eye bags ruin the beauty of your windows to the soul!

Take some time to pamper your eye-area skin by draining excessive toxin through meridian and acupoint massage. Return yourself a lifted and tonned eyelids, with no more dark-eye-circles, eye bags and wrinkles!

A fresh-feeling sparkling, bright eyes comes with an improved vision and a younger look!

Body Inc’s revolutionary Meridian Eye-lift at just $88 for all first trials (U.P. $138)! . For enquries; Email us at contact@bodyinc.sg, or call our outlets; Ngee Ann City Outlet: 6333 5656/ WhatsApp 8818 5656 Sixth Avenue Outlet: 6988 5656/ WhatsApp 8858 5656

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