Your solution for puffy face!

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

No more puffy face in the morning!

Trying to hide your puffy face in the morning with thick layer of makeup and shading?

Water retention might be the main culprit especially when extra fluid in our body builds up or when you consumed a high sodium diet the night before!


Rather than trying to hide your puffy face with makeup, start by replacing your high sodium diet or kickstart a new meridian massage routine to motivate your natural drainage system to work the puffiness away.

Qi (气) and blood circulation

With a better Qi (气) circulation, you’ll see better improvement to the puffiness of the face, radiant skin as well as a lifted jawline.

Body Inc. Meridian Facelift Therapy uses special unclogging techniques that works on improving the meridian pathway of Qi (气) flow on your face!

See the difference in just a single session!

For 1st Trial at $98 (Usual $380)

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