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Bloatedness, Low Blood Pressure, Gastric, Constipation, 29 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Which is the best diet?

Jasmine always thought eating less equals weight loss.

She was surprised, like many of my other clients, when I explained that one should eat more nutritious food in order to lose weight. She need not count calories and starve.

Jasmine said her past fad diets eg. Keto diet, intermittent fasting, paleo diet or food replacement meals helped her lose weight temporarily but once she stopped these diets, she put on weight again. I explained that such diets are not sustainable because they are not well-balanced.

Everybody is different.

We have to look into the lifestyle, habits, blood type, family health history, existing health issues, emotional state, work stress & environment. Especially when you are going through puberty or menopause, a diet that is highly imbalanced and promotes nutrient deficiencies may wreck your hormones.

Keto diet is a low carb and high fat diet.

Ketosis produces a lot of acids in the body which can lead to diseases in the long run. . A Paleo diet includes nuts which can cause inflammation in many people. Obesity is an inflammatory disease.

Inflammatory foods trigger an immune response within your body.

When your body doesn’t recognize or know how to process a food, it sees it as a “harmful substance” that must be eliminated. So to protect itself, your body switches on its immune system in order to fight the invader. But if the “invader” is actually a food you continuously eat, your body can enter into a state of CHRONIC INFLAMMATION which can lead to all kinds of other health issues especially autoimmune disorders such as eczema, hives, IBS, pernicious anaemia etc. . Just a small amount of inflammatory foods could break the healing cycle, promoting cravings, messing with blood sugar, disrupting the integrity of your digestive tract, and firing up the immune system.

Do you know which food can cause inflammation in you?

Jasmine also thought excessive exercising helped her lose weight. It does, of course. But you get weaker without proper nourishment.

Young people needs re-education about weight loss.

Jacelyn Tay 15/03/19

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