Swollen Legs, Water Retention, Migraine and Pain In The Heart.

Updated: Mar 18

Coaching my client on how to rid of fatigue and get back her energy through detox and weight loss.

But her medical report showed nothing but healthy. However, she knows she is not feeling too well. She does exercise but it doesn't seem to make her feel more energetic.

Her body analysis at Body Inc. tells that hers is a case of nutrient deficiency and poor qi (气) flow, hence varicose veins and swollen ankle. Fats around organs is high as well at unhealthy level. I told her she will be healthy again, don't worry.

Really love my job as a health coach because there are so many people with perfect medical report yet not feeling at tip top condition, and I am in a position to help them feel alive again. My satisfaction comes when I see them slim down, fall sick less often and feel light and healthy.

Each time when a client says "thank you for helping me feel happy again", it ensures me that I am doing the right thing.

Jacelyn Tay 5/11/2018

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