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Prevention is the cure.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Few days ago I had dinner w a young friend aged 25. Saw him bought 2 boxes of Zyrtec. I asked what was it for? He said he woke up feeling some headache so he he needed it. I shook my head.

Recently I saw many young clients who took prescriptive drugs without any concern of side effects. By the time they are down with serious autoimmune disorders like chronic fatigue syndrome, eczema, hives, IBS, Graves' disease, migraine, pain, rheumatoid arthritis etc, doctors could only advise that there is no known cause and therefore there is no cure for autoimmune disorders. Btw, I suffered from all the above mentioned when I was in my twenties. I couldn't breathe.

I fainted up to 5 times a day. Total blackout.

I was hyperventilating. Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, anxiety and depression. High cholesterol at age 26. Low bp. Doctors gave me an open-ended MC, that means they didn't know when I could recover. I went to all kinds of specialists, did brain scan, check ENT, but no one could tell me why I fainted so many times a day. My ESR was out of range, indicating inflammation. Doctors said there was no cure. Gave me some antidepressants and that's it. I couldn't act cos of this condition. I stayed at home for a year doing nothing as I could collapse anytime. Even stepping out of the house felt so tiring. Only thing I did was gardening. One day, while tending to my plants, I had a revelation.

If plants needed sunlight, water, air and nutrients to bloom, perhaps I was lacking in something. I began reading up on nutrition, food, detox, trying to find a solution for myself. I tried all kinds of diets to see the effects of each on me.

In 2 yrs, I recovered w zero fainting spells by 2004. In 2006 I started @bodyinc. Now zero eczema or the above health issues. Let me share w you how you can avoid autoimmune disorders.

1. First, do no harm to your body.

2. Stop all the drugs including TCM medicine (用药三分毒)

3. Avoid toxic environment, processed foods, change your diet, way of life and thinking.

4. Stress can create a toxic body, find a way of life that is suitable for you. Let it go.

Prevention is the cure.

Jacelyn Tay 10/04/19

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