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Swollen Feet Since First Menses at 12 yr old, 28 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

She was very depressed as she couldn't lose weight even by cutting carbs entirely. Her main concern was her swollen feet because people often stare at them, making her feel very embarrassed.

She had seen all kinds of doctors, tried TCM, and taken steroid which helped reduce the swell but her weight just couldn't go down. Other than that, she was perfectly healthy. No doctor could tell her what was wrong with her and she mentioned that Body Inc. was her last hope.

We analysed her body fat and weight. They were not at extremely high level. However she was very bloated not just with edema issue but also stuck meridian pathway. We put her on our 2OneReset Detox Program plus meridian therapy.

After only 2 weeks, she lost 4kg and visceral fat dropped 1 level. The swell on her feet went down significantly.

She bruises very easily (see the blue black on her calves). People who bruise easily need proper nourishment of Vitamin C and herbs that help repair and strengthen capillaries. We explained that it takes time for the body to absorb nutrients and repair cells and blood vessels. She needs to have patience in order to restore her health with proper nutritional guidance.

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