Reverse the formation of fine lines and wrinkles!

Prevention is better than cure.

At what age do most people start noticing fine lines and wrinkles on their face?

The production of natural antioxidant declines as early as your 20s and in your 30s, you’ll start to feel your body metabolism rate slowing down and so does, the process of collagen production. By your 40s and 50s, our skin barrier function weakens, gets dry easily and is unable to retain hydration on its own.

Facial QI (气) flow

Before it is too late to reverse the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, we can start by stimulating the face with QI (气) including the production of collagen!

Body Inc’s Meridian Facelift Therapy not only unblocks the meridians and acupoints but also improves circulation throughout the face and stimulates the production of collagen to restore a healthier and younger looking complexion.

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