The right solution for glowing skin!

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Are your beauty products working for you?

Been using a lot of beauty products but your skin still looks dull and dry?
Do you have an entire cupboard of beauty products from toner, serum, lipids to even facial mask?
And piling all that goodness but have yet to see any change in your skin?

By your 20s, and between 30 and 40, the turnover rate slows down to every 40 days. Dead skin cells pile up, making skin look dull and dry. Your skin reflects light better when it's firm.

Replacing the fingers with our patented magnetic physiotherapy tool!

Body Inc. Meridian Facelift Therapy uses patented magnetic physiotherapy tool,massaging for micro currents which emits magnetic waves that unblock acupoints and disrupted Qi (气) & blood flow. The result in a deeper stimulation that lifts, firms and enhances production of natural proteins, like collagen and elasticity.

Poor Qi (气) flow is the cause of sagging skin and cheeks, droopy eyelids, forehead lines, laugh lines, wrinkles and double chin

Try out Body Inc. Meridian Facelift Therapy and you can see the difference in just a single session!

For 1st Trial at $98 (Usual $380)

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