Simple food remedies for common symptoms!

Sickness is never fun especially when you are traveling! It sure dampens the holiday mood! Learn how simple food remedies can help to relieve some common symptoms. Common ingredients can even be found in restaurants or you can prepare them from your kitchen into your next medical kit for traveling!

Suffering from constipation?

Add a teaspoon of flour (3-4grams) to a warm cup of chrysanthemum tea and consume.

Flour aids the bowel movement and chrysanthemum tea helps to remove excess heat from the body. For prolong constipation, please kindly consult a doctor/ physician.

Suffering diarrhea caused by possible food allergens that trigger your digestive tract?

Mix 10 grams of green tea leave and green bean powder with half a slice of ginger in hot water for 10mins.

Alternatively, you can boil 10 grams of green beans, add green tea with sliced ginger for the same effect.

The drink aids in killing the germs. Green tea removes the dampness from the body and green beans aids in removing toxin and dampness from the body.

Caught a cold and having stomach cramps?

Mix a teaspoon of fennel with some salt in hot water and consume. Use a hot towel/ hot water bottle to keep the abdomen warm.

Acute toothache and swollen gums?

Mix hot water, an egg together with a teaspoon of pepper and consume.

A runny nose, headache or muscle ache from a cold?

Try either one of the following remedies.

a. Mix a quarter teaspoon of pepper with brown sugar. Consume 2 – 3 cups to relieve mild cold or headache.

b. Peel 5 garlic cloves and add 5 ginger slices to water. Boil for 15 mins. Best consumed while it's still warm. For children’s consumption, you can add a little brown sugar.

c. At the initial stage of the cold and/ or suffering from sore throat or headache, you can mix 8 pieces of chrysanthemum, 1 teaspoon of green tea powder with rock sugar or white sugar to taste with hot water for 7 mins before consuming.

Tiredness or constipation?

Daily consumption of Vitality Boost and Detox Cleanse to boost energy and detox on the go for better bowel movement.

Body Inc. 3 Days Detox Travel Pack will nourish your body, allowing the organs to be able to detox the toxins out of the body by itself!

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