Time to wave goodbye to your DOUBLE CHIN

That annoying layer of fat lying under your chin!

What causes double chin - that annoying layer of fat lying under your chin which you wanna get rid of so badly? 1. Aging skin. Skin starts to lose its elasticity as you age, saggy skin creates that double chin effect. 2. Diet. An unhealthy diet that is high in calories, processed foods, and excess consumption of fats can lead to weight gain, and a double chin often comes with it.

3. Poor lifestyle habits. Bad habits can lead to poor blood and ‘qi’(气) circulation in your body, and disrupt meridian pathways around your neck and chin area leading to sagging skin. With better ‘qi’(气)flow, your skin restores its elasticity and collagen, lifts the sagging skin and re-contours to a slimmer and V-shape face. Try BodyInc. Meridian Facelift 3-in-1 Therapy now!

It uses

1) All-natural meridian cream that supplies skin cells with nutrients necessary for rejuvenation.

2) Activated with patented magnetic physiotherapy tool which emits magnetic waves that unblock acupoints and improve your qi & blood flow.

3) Special meridian technique that further enhance the tool's effect.

1st Trial (1st-time customer only) at $98 (Usual $380).

To claim your trial, call 6988 5656/ WhatsApp 8858 5656/ email contact@bodyinc.sg

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