Tips to boost your vitality during travel!

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Travel tips that you'll need!

Traveling is medicine for the soul.

However, with jet lag, dry air on the plane, eating quick meals, rushing from one destination to another, it can be tough to both look AND feel great while traveling.

How to boost your vitality during travel to enjoy fully your adventures?

Here are the useful tips Body Inc. has put together for you to stay healthy while on-the-go. It is easy to detox and cleanse after indulging in yummy cuisine and alcohol. Just observe the basics!

The No.1 Detox Agent - Water

This is the most underrated and simple “superfood”. The body of an adult contains up to 60 percent of water. Not drinking enough causes digestive problems, headache, dry skin, constipation, pimples, water retention and many more symptoms.

Sweat as much as you can

Sweating helps get rid of toxins. Walk as much as possible during your travel. Visit a sauna, do some workout or Yoga (Hot Yoga) in your hotel room. Soon you will feel fresh and clean like a baby. Just don’t forget to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

Lemon Juice adds Vitamin C

Drink each morning one glass of water with one fresh pressed lemon juice if possible. You will do your body a great favor! Vitamin C is just one of its many, many benefits.

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