Wonder why you put on weight easily?

Wonder why you put on weight easily?

Why salads make you bloated? Other than eating unhealthy foods, the wrong way of eating healthy foods in terms of cooking methods/food combinations/sequence of eating may also lead to hormonal issues then weight gain. (Ha...I seriously recommend balanced nutrition be taught in primary school so our kids grow up knowing how to eat right.😅)

Heard of goitrogenic vegetables?

They contain a chemical that slows down thyroid gland (which is our metabolic gland). Why do you have low metabolism? It has to do with your hormones especially thyroid. Eating less doesn’t help weight loss if your metabolism is already low.

Some of the popular goitrogenic vegetables include kale, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and bok choy.

So many people believe in eating raw salads for weight loss. Then wonder why after skipping rice and eating “grass” (raw veg salads) for some time, you find it hard to lose weight but gain back some instead. Diet has to be balanced if you want to stay slim in the long run.

Any kind of extreme diet gives you short-term weight loss but weight rebound in long term.

You don’t need to stop eating these healthy goitrogenic vegetables. Just boil or cook them properly for consumption. Don’t eat them raw. For Body Inc. clients, now you know why raw salads are not allowed in our diet?

If you are a hypothyroid case or iodine-deficient, avoid overconsuming these vegetables raw, in large or concentrated form, i.e., raw smoothies/juice.

To be safe, I recommend all people to cook all your veg.

End the questions of “How much is considered as overconsumption?” Or “which are the veg that cannot be eaten raw?” Lolxx...

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Jacelyn Tay 05/03/2021

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