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Purpose of this community is for us to share more about healthy living and beauty tips; for you to get healthy together by supporting each other, sharing your healing journey to encourage who share the same condition as you, and posting delicious food recipes you created with our fellow community. Feel free to feel alive here!

Case: Weeping Eczema

Brenda had eczema, sinus and asthma since young. She always felt tired and had migraine that might end up in vomiting.

Her visceral fat was only 1, body fat 22.3%. we reckoned she needed more iron and protein to help her detox because she was weak. And rice was added back to her diet too. 


There is no one-size-fits-all diet. Usually the best diet is one that suits your digestion, lifestyle and energy consumption. But one main rule remains, eat fresh. Learn more about her healing story here!


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