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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 2OneReset®️ Detox and Wellness Program?
2OneReset®️ Detox and Wellness Program is designed by our team of holistic healthcare practitioners. For over a decade, our team has worked with thousands of patients under our integrated medicine system. We have developed effective programs which advocate “eating right” to support the immune system and improve your natural detoxification process. These customised programs jumpstart your metabolism by detoxing and supplementing what your body needs with essential nutrients to achieve optimal results.

What does 2OneReset®️ Detox and Wellness Program consist of?
2OneReset®️ Detox and Wellness Program adopts a 3 prong approach---Customised Diet + Supplements + Detox Treatments. It is a personalised program targetting to detox and nourish your body from inside out.

What are the charges for consultation?
Consultation with our Health Coach is part of our program package (18yo and above). Body composition and program analysis with our program advisor is complimentary.

Why is the program recommendation based on a pre-assessment form and not based on a face-to-face review of one's physical condition ?
The detailed questions in the Pre-Assessment Form, together with pictures of your skin conditions (where applicable) and diagnosis from doctors enable us to better understand your health conditions and goals without your physical presence. Thus, it is important that you answer the questions thoroughly and accurately.

Can pregnant ladies undergo 2OneReset®️ Program?
It is not advisable for pregnant ladies to take up 2OneReset®️ Detox Program. You may visit us after your confinement month.
We look forward to serving you at a later date.

After delivery, when can I start 2OneReset® Program?
You may visit us after your confinement month to enquire on a suitable program.

What is the recommended diet plan?
The diet guide is customised according to individual needs and conditions during the health coaching and diet journey. As such, there is no one standard plan for all. You will be advised of your plan during your consultation with our Health Coach at the beginning of the program.

Can I only do my health coaching and detox treatment with Body Inc. but remain taking my own supplements?
We will be able to advise you on a case by case basis.

How long is the 2One
Reset®️ program?
Our programs are customised according to your needs, conditions and goals. There is no fixed length of program timeline as it depends on your existing health issues and body conditions. These factors will affect how fast your body takes to detox and be nourished to achieve better immunity and overall wellness. As a guide, for general health and weight loss programs, it may take about 21 days to 3 months. For auto-immune conditions like eczema, psorisis, rashes or allergies, it may require about 3 to 6 months to see desired results. If you have long pre-exisitng (or since childhood) serious skin conditions, and/or have been on steriods for a period of time, the program may take about 6 to 12 months. The results vary for each individual as it also largly depends on your previous lifestyle habits, and your discipline now during the program.

Do I have to take the supplements for long term or forever?
The amount of supplements and/or the dosage to be taken will be adjusted along the way, depending on your progress. They do not need to be taken permanently, but certain supplements can be taken continually to improve or maintain wellness on top of a sustainable good diet. Our body needs regular nourishment as we age. Thus periodic detoxing, rebalancing and continuous nourishment are necessary in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Especially for women, it is important for us to actively nourish our body in preparation for menopause.

Can I do the 2One
Reset®️ program if I am still under medication prescribed by my doctor?
You will need to furnish us with your medical history and prescribed medication details for us to further suggest.

Does Body Inc. have 2One
Reset®️ programs for children?
As much as we wish to help, Body Inc. does not always take in customers who are below 18. We do this on a case by case basis. We believe a clean and right diet is vital in our journey to recovery and better health. If your child is not able to abide by our dietary plans, our efforts to help may be futile. For children, our focus would be a change in diet, complemented with selected natural supplements. As such, parents need to partner us to ensure that their child adheres to the proposed diet. We will be happy to discuss this further with you after receiving your health assessment form.

What does the free Body Comp and Program Analysis consist of?

This free session consists of a body composition analysis (visceral fat, body fat, total body water etc.) and also a program walkthrough where we share with you the recommended program based on your existing health condition and goals.


Before the session, we will send you a link to our pre-assessment form for you to fill out so that we can better understand your health condition and make recommendations when we meet you.


This session will take around 1 hour.


How do I make an appointment for a first consultation? And how much does it cost?

For new enquiries, you can WhatsApp +65 8818 5656 for a pre-consultation appointment to find out more.


Do note that as our programs are customized to the individual's needs and conditions, we would need more information before we can further advise.

We will send you a link to our pre-assessment form for you to fill out so that we can better understand your health condition. 


Our team will review the form information and give a recommendation of a suitable wellness program. We will then arrange for a pre-consultation with one of our staff, to share with you more about the program, sessions, costs etc. 


Pre-consultation is informative, free of charge and with no obligations.


This session will take around 1 hour.


Can you share more about your detox program and how is it done?

Here is a short intro to our program:


2OneReset®️ Detox and Wellness Program adopts a 3-prong approach, consisting Diet + Supplements + Detox Body Treatments. 


A personalized diet is designed according to your conditions with the aim to prevent more toxins from entering your body, while getting nutrients from fresh whole foods to nourish and strengthen you. 


Supplements aid in the detox process by improving your bowel movement and supporting the immune system to fight against bacteria and virus. 


Detox treatments help to unclog the body, improving qi & blood circulation, nutrients absorption and flushing out toxins.


Can I have a list of all your services and treatments available?

You can click here to learn more about the services we provide.


Can I read more about your different programs?

You can click here to learn more about the programs we provide.

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