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Customer Service Standards

Body Inc. aims to provide you with high quality service standards and products to rejuvenate your body and soul. We mean what we say and we appreciate your trust in us.


We are committed to offering you quality goods and services. Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted are NETT and inclusive of GST (where applicable). We transact in Singapore dollars and accept Nets, Visa, Master, Paynow and Amex. We prefer non-cash transactions.


Our therapists and staff have undergone training and are certified by the following internationally recognised associations such as: Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology Ltd (CIBTAC), International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC), and the Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie (CIDESCO).


In no way do we (or any of our therapists and staff) advertise or hold ourselves out to be allied health professionals (as defined in the Allied Health Professions Act (Cap 6B)), nor do we (or any of our therapists and staff) advertise or hold ourselves out, whether expressly or implicitly, to have any professional qualifications of an allied health professional (as defined in the Allied Health Professions Act (Cap 6B)).


Our team will ensure that you are well rested when undergoing our programmes. We do not engage in sale activity or any form of selling tactics during programmes. If you are interested in other products or services offered by us, you are always welcome to find out more BEFORE or AFTER your program at our lounge/reception area.


You will be carefully assessed by our team to receive the most suitable and beneficial products, programs and services. While we respect your preferences, if necessary, we will explain what we deem to be the most important to your needs before the program starts.


We cannot emphasise enough how you are important to us! We constantly improve our products, services, programs and wellness packages to best suit your needs.


We set and honour the prices which are clearly stated in the price lists, shelf talkers, advertisement and promotional materials.


We honour prices quoted at the time of booking for ala-carte services, packages or programs and other related services.


Unless otherwise stated, all prices would be NETT inclusive of GST (where applicable). We do not have any other surcharges.


We are committed to displaying discounted prices clearly. Any discounted prices will be prominently displayed in our store, on contracts or any other communication materials. The terms and conditions of our products and services are clearly stated on our website, in-store sales kits and price lists as well.


Our team ensures that marketing communications on promotions or discounts are clearly stated for your understanding, including the period for which the promotion is valid.


We will also clearly state any additional charges for extra services such as any additional product upgrade requests, which were not included in the original package that you purchased.


Payments for our products and services should be made upfront at the time of purchase. We do not collect deposits.


All pre-paid products and services, including but not limited to packages, gift vouchers and membership fees will be duly honored within their validity period. We urge you to always enquire with us and check on the validity period before purchasing our pre-paid products and services. The terms and conditions are explained in our Exchange, Transfer & Refund policy.


We are constantly building our team. We wish to give you live updates! Your understanding to allow us a little time to update information onto our web is greatly appreciated.


Our team does checks and selection of our product suppliers and manufacturers before we launch them in-store or online. Upon receiving the products, we conduct quality checks to ensure the products are properly sealed, and well within the usable date.


For any bulk purchase of supplements, the purchase must be approved by Body Inc’s Management before the supplements can be sold. This is to ensure that the correct directions of use and instructions on the recommended dosage of supplements are given to customers. Customers should follow the dosage and directions of use of the supplements.


The customer(s) agrees not to hold Body Inc liable for any loss or adverse effects if the supplements are consumed not in accordance with the dosage or directions of use indicated. For customers under medication or undergoing medical doctors’ treatment, it is agreed that professional medical advice should be sought first before consuming the supplements.


Let us know your thoughts! We want to constantly improve our services to you. Rest assured you will be heard during our operational hours and we aim to reach out to you as soon as we can and address the suggestions raised. Do ask us for the feedback forms.


We serve both ladies and gentlemen in separate rooms. You will still have your privacy and safety while enjoying our products, programmes and services.


We are committed and have a policy to maintain the confidentiality and security of your data. Your particulars are collected for the purposes of allowing us to book your appointments, to conduct suitability assessments in order to recommend products and/or services to you as well as for completing sales transactions. We will not disclose your particulars or information to any third party without your consent. Your personal data will not be used for promotional or marketing purposes unless we have obtained your consent.


We hope that you will stay with Body Inc. as you continue to progress in your health. Please be aware that there is a validity period for all packages and exchange policies apply.


Disclaimer: The wellness programs, services and/or products received from or utilised at Body Inc. are alternative wellness programmes for general purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical treatment, diagnosis, or cure for any condition, medical or otherwise, or diseases that clients may have.
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