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Does Meridian Face Therapy Reduce Wrinkles?

Meridian Face Therapy

Meridian Face Therapy may reduce dynamic lines significantly by stimulating muscles, lifting skin,

and improving blood circulation for skin tightening. For static lines, this treatment might still help to reduce the "deepness" of such lines, or at least shorten or prevent the lines from getting worse.


Dynamic Lines

Dynamic lines are the lines caused by facial expressions such as smiling, frowning and squinting.


These repetitive movements lead to wrinkles

eg. forehead lines, crow’s feet and lipstick lines.


These lines disappear when you relax your expression. Botox which prevents expression reduce these lines

from forming.

Static Lines

Static lines remain even when the face is neutral.


These include tear troughs (below the eyes),

marionette lines (between the mouth and the chin)

and nasolabial lines, which you’ll most likely know as laugh or smile lines.


For these types of lines, you need fillers to "plump up"

the lines to lessen the appearance.


Usually, such lines are impossible to totally be removed

as they are permanent already. 


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Do you know your facial lines?


Type 1

Lines caused by

facial expressions.

Dynamic Lines


Type 2

Lines that remain even when the face is neutral

Static Lines

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