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2OneReset® Detox Program

Specifically designed detox program for eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne on body and other infected autoimmune skin conditions. This program seeks to rebalance skin microbiome, rejuvenate cells and restore skin health by detoxifying the body from “inside out” with customised diet plan and supplementations. Detox from “outside in” with body treatments that calms itchy skin down, removes dead skin cells and reducing scars on the body. Restore healthy skin again.

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2OneReset® Detox Program

A true detox program for those who seek general wellness. Suitable for most health conditions: weight problems, high cholesterol, diabetes, gout, thyroid, menstrual issues, fatigue, chronic headaches & migraines, unknown aches/pain/numbness, cysts, fibroids, poor immunity, unresolved cough, giddiness, and many more. Unclogs 12 major meridian pathways, stimulates “qi”, aiding in fat loss, improves blood circulation and better elimination of toxins.

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2OneReset® Detox Program

Adolescents are at the age when their hormones begin to experience major changes. Common issues such as acne, pimples, weight gain, rashes, PMS and menstruation issues might surface. Puberty is not an easy time for some young adults especially if they battle with self-consciousness and image issues.

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Program Analysis &


To help you understand more about your well-being,

we offer a Complimentary

Program Analysis and


You will learn about your body composition scores—consisting of visceral fat, body fat, total body water readings etc. We will also recommend to you a suitable program based on your existing health condition and goals.

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2OneReset® Detox Program

Natural remedies and food are the best medicine for a young, developing body. Chronic health issues such as cough, sinus, eczema, headaches, migraines are linked to poor hygiene, poor dietary habits, toxic environment, and an impaired digestive system. Fruits and vegetables are crucial in their diet.


Bach flower remedy

Emotional healing with

Dr Bach’s Flower Remedies. Our Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner (BFRP) is professionally trained to facilitate sessions with clients with emotional imbalance.

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