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Meridian Face Trial (only for first time customers, u.p. $209)

Duration: 60 Minutes

Helps to reduce wrinkles, nasolabial folds, forehead lines, eye bags, pigmentation and double chin for a slimmer, lifted face contour and V-shape face.


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Q1: How does Meridian Face Therapy help lift sagging cheeks and droppy eyelids? 

A: Using patented tools and a meridian cream specially-formulated for Body Inc, our Meridian Face therapy unclogs the Meridian pathways and improves blood circulation to skin, connective tissues and muscles, hence lifting sagging cheeks and eyelids. 


Q2: I have acne and pimples, can I do Meridian Face Therapy?

A: Yes you can. Areas where there are acne or pimples will be avoided. We will work on unclogging other areas of the face to remove toxins produced by bacteria which caused your acne/pimples. This prevents future flareups. If you have acne problems on the entire face, we recommend that you try our Acne Detox Program to cleanse out your bowel and liver first before starting Meridian Face Therapy. 


Q3: If I just had Botox, can I try this face therapy? 

A: Yes, you can.


Q4: If I just had fillers, will this therapy affect my fillers effect?

A: If fillers are done more than 6 months ago, there is no issue. We will have to avoid areas where fillers are done within 3-6 months. You may WhatsApp us at 8818 5656 if you have further queries. 


Q5: I just had laser/IPL two days ago, can I try Meridian Face today? 

A: It is best to check with your own doctor. Usually for any surface aesthetic treatment, you may do Meridian Face after 3-7 days depending on the intensity of your doctor’s treatment. 


Q6: Does this face therapy includes massage, extraction, mask? Like usual facial procedures?

A: No. Meridian Face is solely a 60 min therapy where we focus on unclogging each meridian point and pathway and work deeply into the skin, connective tissues and muscles. Only simple cleansing and exfoliation are done to allow our specially formulated Meridian cream to penetrate for best results.


Q7: Is it painful?

A: Most clients do not feel pain or find the pain bearable. For those with very clogged face meridians eg. they experience headaches, sinuses, blurred visions, recurring ear infections, swollen neck, double chin, usually pain is only experienced for the first few sessions. It also depends on individual’s pain threshold. When we unclog the stuck lymph or clogged points, our therapist will communicate with you to adjust the strength that you prefer, so no worries.


Q8: How often should I do meridian face therapy?

A: Depending on how clogged or saggy your skin is, once or twice a week treatment gives ideal results for the first initial month. Subsequently, depending on your lifestyle, once a fortnight or once a month is sufficient to maintain your toned, lifted skin. 

Note: Frequent therapy eg. twice a week gives terrific results.


Q9: Is it similar to guasha facial?

A: Gua Sha facial only works on the surface of skin with a flat, curved tool; whilst BodyInc Meridian Therapy works deep on the Meridian pathways to unclog with a patented magnetic tool that  improves blood circulation and reduces blood stasis.


Q10: What if I have sensitive skin?

A: Body Inc handles all skin issues from eczema to acne to TSW. This therapy is suitable for sensitive skin.

Meridian Face First Trial

$209.00 Regular Price
$98.00Sale Price
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