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126 Capsules


Regular consumption promotes metabolism and aids in weight reduction.



• Aloe clears liver and acids detoxification.

• Radix Astragali reduces water retention.

• Fructus Hordei Germinatus helps digest carbohydrates.

• Fructus Crataegi aids in meat digestion and breakdown of fats.


Take 3 capsules twice daily after meals. (Preferably in the morning and evening)
Take with adequate water for maximum benefits.



Each capsule (600mg) contains only premium herbal extracts as below:

Radix Et Rhizoma Salviae Miltiorrhizae 164.00mg

Radix Puerariae 54.00mg

Semen Sinapis 41.00mg

Hirudo 41.00mg

Radix Panacis Quinquefolii 109.00mg

Fructus Crataegi 82.00mg

Radix Astragali 41.00mg

Aloe 14.00mg

Fructus Hordei Germinatus 27.00mg

Rhizoma Alismatis 27.00mg


• Use with caution in patients with debility and blood deficiency. Avoid use in patients who are pregnant, during menstruation and have bleeding tendencies.

• Keep out reach of children.

• No known side effect for this product.

• Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.


Terms & Conditions

• All goods sold are strictly NON-EXCHANGEABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE. This is for safety and hygiene of supplements.

• Delivery: 3 - 5 working days. Please provide a valid mobile number so that we can confirm your delivery arrangements. Costs for unsuccessful deliveries due to invalid contact numbers or addresses will be borne by purchaser. Thank you for your cooperation.

• Delivery fee: $15. FREE delivery for purchase above $200.




Q1: Can I take Miracal if I have cancer?

A: Anyone with medical condition should consult your doctor or specialist. As stated on the label, Miracal has no known side effects. 


Q2: I saw that you have another supplement called Detox for weight loss too. What is the difference between Miracal and Detox?

A: Both help weight reduction in different ways. Detox targets general detox, bloating, constipation and skin issues. Miracal aids in breaking down fats (visceral and body fats) and digestion of carbohydrates, meat and fats.


Q3: How to consume Miracal? Can it be taken long term?

A: Miracal can be taken long term. One packet contains 126 capsules. For female, take 3 capsules twice a day after food for 21 days. Stop Miracal during menstruation and resume after menstrual period. For male, you may take 3 capsules twice a day without any break period.


Q4: Is Miracal "heaty"? 

A: As Miracal consists of great nutrients, it is stated on the label instructions to be taken with adequate water for maximum benefits. 


Q5:  Can I take Miracal with my other supplements? 

We are not able to advise on this as we do not know what your other supplements are and the dosage you are taking. However, Miracal is a supplement with no known side effects. So far, there is no problem for it to be taken with other supplements.


Q6: Can Miracal be consumed when I am still breastfeeding?

A: Yes, you can. The only thing you need to monitor is your baby’s poop which should not suddenly turn too watery. If you want to be safe, you may start with 1 capsule twice a day for 3 days, then slowly increase dosage to 3 capsules over the week.


Q7: Is Miracal made of 100%  natural ingredients?

A: Yes, Miracal contains 100% natural herbal ingredients 


Q8: How long does it take to see weight loss results? 

A: Results may vary with individual depending on how overweight you are, your diet, pre-existing conditions and family health history.


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