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Autoimmune - Alopecia areata. Lichen planus. Hives. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). 31 yr old.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023


This is a case of multiple autoimmune syndrome who got well.

Autoimmune conditions have been puzzling to many because, till now, there is no known cause, hence no cure. Many are suffering in silence and believe that for the rest of their life, they have to bear with the symptoms caused by their autoimmune genes - their own immune system attacking their body parts.

Our body has powerful ability to heal. By managing your diet, lifestyle, mindset and emotions, autoimmune can be managed.

This client suffered from skin allergy since a toddler, and hives since 7 yr old. She experienced hives every single day till she came to Body Inc.

At 10 year old, she began suffering from alopecia areata, with balding patches on her head. Three steroid injections in 1999 did not help. She tried many other remedies like rubbing ginger on her scalp, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for 20 years but to no avail.

She had headache since young, Panadol was the only relief. Without Panadol, she would vomit. In her late 20s, the headache became migraine.

In 2017, she was diagnosed with fatty liver. Doctor said it was due to her overdose of salmon sashimi and salmon belly soup which she took everyday for two month.

In 2018, she suffered from lichen planus which made her gum very painful (see pic). She had yet sought any treatment as steroid was the only way out for it. She did not want to rely on drugs. She also had IBS and bloating.

In 2020, She came to @bodyinc hoping that detox and diet would help her. We are happy that they did. Her hives and IBS are gone now. She used to feel very fatigue in the morning, now she feels very refreshed, needing no coffee to perk her up. Alopecia also recovered, no more bald patches on her head. Lichen Plantus is recovering well too.

So what did she do at Body Inc.? This client went on a very strict diet, totally cutting out ALL processed foods and avoided dairy, gluten, nuts, sugar and other inflammatory foods. We also put her on a detox diet with supplements and detox treatments.

In conclusion, detox is necessary for any autoimmune condition. The process and length of detox vary with each condition and severity.

Ps: We thank this client for sharing her pics.

Jacelyn Tay 01/11/2020

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