Insomnia, Skin Problems.

Updated: Mar 17

Happy. Helped another case to live a life without medication.

This client had Rosacea in 2012, took a lot of antibiotics for acne to treat Rosacea. Initially it helped but once she stopped antibiotics, Rosacea came back. She went for laser but it didn't work. She started to have sleepless nights since 2013, depressed by her Rosacea. Doctor prescribed antidepressants, which could help her sleep then. She took antidepressants since then in order to go to sleep.

Feb 2020, antidepressants could not help her sleep anymore. Doctor tried using medication to slow down her heart so that she could sleep. But she still couldn't sleep.

She could not even take a nap in the day. She also had scoliosis and sinus, for which she is taking medicine.

Then she had cysts in the ovaries. There were times when the cysts burst and she bled, ending up in hospital.

Her bowel had always been bad since young. For acne and any kind of autoimmune skin problems like Rosacea, eczema etc, bowel is No.1.

We must make sure the exit for toxins is free from congestion. If not, toxins can accumulate leading to all kinds of skin problems.

In Aug 2020, she came to @bodyinc. We advised her to stop her antidepressants (since it is not working anymore for her sleep), to go totally natural, using food as medicine plus some supplements and treatments.

She started on our #2OneResetDetoxProgram.

After a month of detox, now her anxiousness is gone. She can sleep through 8hrs every night. She discovered after changing her diet to remove junk and processed foods, embarking in fruits and vegetables, esp 1 cup celery juice a day, helps her to sleep a lot better.

I explained that for her case, it all started with her Rosacea, an autoimmune disorder.

If antibiotics helped initially, it means bacteria is the root cause. Don't be surprised the same bacteria which caused havoc in her body yrs ago is the reason for insomnia by them producing neurotoxins. Her bowel had never been good since young, this is the crucial part we have to solve.

When medicinal drugs cannot work anymore, it shows the person needs serious detox. Diet is key.

Jacelyn Tay 18/09/2020

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