Case: Fatigue, Gastritis, Thalassemia. 27 yr old.

Case: Fatigue, Gastritis, Thalassemia. 27 yr old

Within 1 week, this client lost 2kg, no more gastric, bloating, giddiness or breathlessness. She felt energetic even with only 6 hrs of sleep daily (her work is 12hr routine). She was very happy to finally see a "6" in her weight after so many years. Now she is 69.8kg.

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This young client wanted to have more strength & energy. Since 2014, she started having serious gastric, acid reflux, bloating problems and put on 17kg. Cos she was thalassemic, she constantly felt giddy, breathless & tired. Migraine, headaches, night cramps were common to her.

She had been taking antacid for gastric & TCM medicine for her dizziness but it didn't seem to help. I explained, no matter what pill one takes, if you can't pin-point what's wrong w the food you've been taking, what r the nutrients you're lacking in & make changes, medicine only temporarily relieve certain discomforts. Food is the source of energy that she needs, not medicine.

Hers is a straightforward malnutrition case with no autoimmune issues, easy for me to rebalance. Just change diet and take some food supplements.

She loves spicy food, a major problem to her stomach. She craved for icy foods and drinks due