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Fatigue. Gastritis. Thalassemia. 27 yr old.

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Case CS01002-6

Within a week, this young client lost 2kg. No more gastric, bloating, giddiness or breathlessness. Now, she felt energetic with just 6 hours of sleep daily. Her work was a 12-hour routine. She was delighted to finally a "6" in her weight after so many years. Now she is 69.8kg.

History: This client wanted to have more strength & energy. Since 2014, she started having serious gastric, acid reflux, bloating problems and she put on 17kg. As she was thalassemic, she constantly felt giddy, breathless & tired. Migraine, headaches and night cramps were common to her.

Prior to her visit to Body Inc., she had been taking antacid for gastric & TCM medicine for her dizziness but they didn't seem to help. Our health coach - Jacelyn Tay explained, "If one cannot pin-point what is wrong with her diet, recognize the nutrients one is lacking and make changes, medicine might only temporarily relieve certain discomforts. Food is the source of energy that she needs, not medicine."

This is a straightforward malnutrition case. She just needed to change her diet and take some food supplements.

She loves spicy food, a major problem to her stomach. She craved for icy foods and drinks due to her heaty body. We incorporated a lot of fruits (non-citrus) and vegetables in her new diet to bring down her heat. Some TCM advise against fruits and vegetables for those with bloating issues because, according to TCM philosophy, fruits and vegetables are "cooling". Conventional medicine and many doctors do not believe in that. Select the fruits that are gentle to your stomach and eat cooked vegetables if "cooling" is your concern.

As she embarked on our detox program, she began to feel hungrier even after she had full, proper meals of rice, meat and vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I congratulated her.

True hunger indicated an improvement in her absorption of nutrients. Time to load up on more food! The more "right foods" she eats, the more energy she gains and weight loss is a given, plus a better immune system.

She was advised to increase her fat intake too. That should satisfy her hunger other than eating more carbs and protein.

Jacelyn Tay 19/05/2020

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