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Autoimmune Disorders, 56 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Yesterday, this client, 56 yrs old, kept saying she was thankful to Body Inc., for she hadn't felt so good in 8 years.

She was fatigue and suffered from depression and anxiety. Born with Thalassemia, she had constipation, gastric, bloatedness and acid reflux. Fingers and feet are always cold. She had to wear gloves and socks. She experienced shortness of breath for 2 years, recently getting worse. She could not breathe properly during sleep, often waking up to have her asthma pump. Headache. Bad mood. She also had rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder. Both index fingers with much pain, left one is crooked, both can't bend.

She had a very bad habit - 50yrs of popping antibiotics whenever she had coughs.

Seems like a lot of problems? Well, I only see one problem - autoimmune disorders.

It is a package. Her immune system attacking her own body, destroying healthy tissues by mistake. Her immune system does not distinguish between healthy tissue and antigens. As a result, the body sets off a reaction that destroys normal tissues. The exact cause of autoimmune disorders is unknown. One theory is that some microorganisms (such as bacteria or viruses) or drugs may trigger changes that confuse the immune system. This may happen more often in people who have genes that make them more prone to autoimmune disorders. I suggested a detox program plus a strict diet for her.

In only 10days, her left index finger went straight, no more swelling, both hands and fingers no pain now. No more constipation, can have fantastic sleep.  Visceral fat went down from 6 to 5. Weight loss 1.5kg. No more bad mood, or depression, feeling great and confident now.

But she is still a bit tired. I encouraged her to be patient. To nourish will take months and years to build a strong immune system. . Praise the Lord for this healing. Our hands, but God heals. All glory to Him.

Jacelyn Tay 23/03/19

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