Drugs only control, heal your body with real foods.

It was really funny.

This client works in the alcohol industry. She came here to detox but she invited me for a whisky tour at her company. Lolxxx I was joking with her,

"I help you detox OK? And you help me intox!"

Life is so wonderful isn't it?

We both laughed. I appreciate whisky and wine not cos of the "high" that I want. Basically I just appreciate fine taste, not alcohol. I believe in enjoying life and keeping it in balance. Don't be extreme in anything. Rewind. A month ago...

When this client (40 years old) came to see me, she poured out a ziplock bag of medicine from her handbag.

I asked her, "You brought this to show me? Or are you carrying this with you every day?" She said she had to bring these ten over medicine with her in case she needed them. Antihistamine, asthma med, muscle relaxants, motion sickness med etc. She had high cholesterol, low blood pressure, low hemoglobin, always feeling faint, migraine since 18 years ago, numbness in the hand, always coughing, constipation, 2 weeks before menses she will have very bad cramps, always feeling fatigue. I had a hard time convincing her that as long as she ate well sleeps well she did not need to rely on drugs.