Mood swings are really damaging to relationships.

Updated: Mar 16

Diet is the first thing you can change.

I have encountered many clients, both men and women, either troubled by their own emotional upheaval or their wives’ mood swings especially when menses is near.

For the husbands and boyfriends, it is a nightmare having a partner with monthly mood rollercoaster. Not that men don’t have mood swings, but much less.

Men, don’t bring your partner for bubble tea, sweets or cakes and desserts, their moods will be worse after that. Buy them fruits and veg! Read how to improve below!

Many female clients come to @bodyinc with headaches, bloating, food cravings etc before or during menses. High levels of estrogen can be harmful because it can cause painful or heavy periods, tender breasts, PMS, bloating, anxiety, mood swings, and headaches. One of the symptoms of too much oestrogen is weight gain especially in the hip area. It may also be the cause for early or delayed menses. If you have oestrogen dominance with low progesterone, your hair starts to thin.

What can you do?

1. Higher amounts of fiber can bind to estrogen to get excreted in the stool.

2. Avoid alcohol especially during the period from ovulation to menses. Liver metabolizes oestrogen and alcohol can mess with liver so it is unable to do this job. (Don’t think drinking can make you feel better. You surely will be worse off.)

3. Avoid soy milk, which contains oestrogen. (Source:

4. Reduce animal products like meat. Many farmed animals, especially chicken are injected with oestrogen to grow faster and fatter.

5. Understand more about steroid hormones, birth control pills. Discuss with your doctor about them if you have concerns.

6. Find ways to reduce work stress and sleep more.

If you can have better moods, become less irritable and less easily agitated, relationships tend to improve. And when you feel better, your overall health becomes better too.

Diet is the first thing you can change.

Jacelyn Tay 30/03/2021

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