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One may not be sick, however one may not feel well either.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

My client was at an ideal weight but he constantly felt tired even after 8 hours of sleep.

He was yawning frequently while talking to me during consultation. I asked him what did he think was wrong with him? He was puzzled. He ate well, slept enough, not having too much stress. No digestive issue, can go move his bowel daily, have a flat tummy.

Sounds healthy ya? I did a body analysis for him and he was totally shocked that his visceral fats was at a high unhealthy level, close to "very unhealthy range".

His system is clogged with too much internal fats!

He needed to boost his nutrient level and organ functions according to our analysis. I put him on #2OneResetDetoxProgram which is a nutrition program that nourishes and revitalise the body system, so that the body can begin to detox by itself. Just within a few days, he felt energetic.

Health is not measured by absence of disease.

One may not be sick, however one may not feel well either. When you are truly healthy, you are supposed to be energetic, full of positivity and zest. When people fall sick, you don't.

This is what I called healthy.

Jacelyn Tay 9/11/2018

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