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Gastritis in her sleep and diarrhoea, 26 yr old.

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Very rarely clients at such young age have such wisdom and interest in preventative health.

I asked her, "What makes you come to Body Inc.? Most young people simply ignore it and just pop pills when they have gastric and diarrhoea."

Her answer was, "It is important to fix my issues early and maintain a healthy body when I am still young."

Wow, how I wish more young people can think like her. Prevention is indeed better than cure. From 7 yr old, she started fainting a few times a year till she was 16 yr old. Thereafter she didn't faint anymore, but she often felt giddy. She always needed to find sweets to aid in her giddiness. Doctor said there was nothing wrong as her blood test results showed every reading were in normal range. Once in every 2 months, she would have fever. Since young she coughed frequently and antibiotics was her remedy. When she was a teenager, she started to have diarrhoea whenever she took spicy food, certain fruits or bigger portion of food. Probiotics didn't help. Her gastric was bad, at least once a week. In the middle of the night, she could be woken up by gastric pain. Doctors said she had sensitive stomach so there was not much she could do to help. She was often tired in the day. We put her on detox for 2 months now. Her gastric disappeared after 21 days of detox. She is also not that tired anymore in the day. Spicy food still triggers diarrhoea so I advised her to stay away from it to allow healing in the gut. After the gut has healed, she can always eat spicy food moderately, but not now.

Many health issues start with digestive issues.

If she can make sure she eats right, her digestive system will improve and she will recover from giddiness and fainting spells with proper nutrition.

Jacelyn Tay 11/02/2020

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