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Path to a blessed and stress-free life

I discovered the path to a blessed, stress-free life. Here are some principles I live by that have helped me manoeuvre on this complicated earth. Hope they help you too.

1. Less is more. My friends were amazed how light a luggage I brought to Maldives. Well, one must know exactly what you need & want, be clear of your priorities. Having too many options is not a good option to me. I only need a few good things, so all things I hav r good enough, no need more.

In this material world, how much we crave for that makes us a slave of MANY clothes, shoes, food, cars, friends, even partners- “boyfriends and girlfriends”? People seem to be very proud of their many possessions but not realising that they have become a slave of their “many”. Know yourself and you will discover you are less stressed chasing after “many things” and “many people” that are unnecessary in your life. Don’t waste precious time crowding yourself with stuff that are not truly yours.

2. Quality over quantity. 宁缺毋滥. I rather have a lack of than to have excessive lousy stuff and people. Don’t settle for 2nd best. Accept only the good. If you have nothing good now, don’t rush into filling your emptiness. Wait for the good ones to come. Be patient. While waiting, it often helps me streamline what really matters to me and allows me to focus my time and resources on building the little good quality stuff I have now, be it friends, my employees, my clients, the things I buy or own.

3. Disconnect, say “no”. The messy world feeds us with advertisements, false teaching. Even friends can give us the wrong counsel and advice. Learn to discern. If you are confused, shut the door and go to a quiet place to sort out your own thoughts. How to know yourself? I often disconnect with everything and everyone first, then come back with a clear mind knowing who to reconnect with.

Life is a network of many dots. And they come in waves. Ups & downs make us human. Both try to teach us something. It is all about how we manage life.

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