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Nature has it that the body’s innate intelligence can heal itself.

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

On this premise, when a person is sick and find it hard to heal, we have to ask the question: why can’t the body heal by itself?

There are 2 main possibilities.

1. Obstacles or toxins obstructing the healing.

2. A lack in nutrients to assist the immune system to heal

If we base on the belief that, to be healthy, we need to focus on battling the bacteria, viruses or any offending microbes with more antibiotics, vaccines and herbicides, we probably will never heal properly. Much harm is done to our innate intelligence with our present lifestyle and diet. Chemicals from processed foods, environmental toxins and toxic thoughts, these are the problems that destroy nature and weaken our immune system. While reducing toxins and managing bad microbes, human must respect nature and the body, properly nourish the body in order for healing to take place.

It goes the same for the mind.

A mind full of toxic thoughts obstructs the healing of neurons. A person always makes wrong decisions because of the toxic mind. Addiction to food or certain bad habits come from wrong definitions of life, love and people.

We need to understand all human are imperfect.

In the midst, forgive, protect our heart, but also be wise to choose who you love. When the heart heals, so is the mind and body.

The world is made of systems, and it is holistic. From our own body system all the way to the solar system, galaxy, the Universe. When a system is corrupted with a single virus, it starts to spread the cancer and invade from within the system.

First do no harm.

Remove the toxic matter in the system, then assist the system to heal by nourishment from fresh mindset, fresh water, foods and love.

Jacelyn Tay 23/02/2021

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