Regular breast screening can help find problems at an early and more curable.

Wanna share another healing testimonial.

This client got miracle healing by God.

Her sister had breast cancer so she would diligently check her breasts for lumps with her family doctor. Her GP discovered a 2cm lump on right breast. It was painful when she pressed on it. GP referred her to specialist for further check. She was very worried as she was the kind who would have panic attack. Her pastor prayed for God to heal her miraculously. On the day of scan, a junior specialist was scheduled to check her. However after much search about 30min, she could not find the lump. Then the senior specialist was asked to do further check but both could not find any lump. My client was very surprised. Few days later, she went back to her GP to double confirm.

Her GP was also puzzled why the 2cm lump suddenly disappeared. She was declared cleared.

Hallelujah. Prayer works. All glory to God.

Jacelyn Tay 29/10/19

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