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Fatigue, Female, 38 yr old.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Case CS01371-2

This client came to @bodyinc for general health purposes. She always felt very tired upon waking up in the morning. In fact, she found it hard to wake up. She had bloating and migraine before menses. Finger tips are numb. Body weight is a problem too. Visceral fat at 6, body fat at 33.2%. She did a 21-day #2OneResetDetoxProgram. Now she is 50% more energetic, which the other 50% she thought is due to a lack of sleep (she sleeps only 7 hrs from 1am to 8am). If she could sleep a good 8 hrs and sleep earlier at 10pm, her energy level will improve tremendously. She is working on it now. She has less bloating now and bowel movement is daily.

The interesting thing is that she realizes her skin has improved. Her forehead used to be dry, with other parts of the face oily and colour of face was dull. After detox, her complexion is glowing and skin is not dry anymore. It never over secrete oil in the mid afternoon like before. She was very happy about that glowing complexion as a bonus.

She also lost one level of Visceral Fat and a bit of weight. I explained that weight loss will be faster when she is properly nourished. Her case was due to imbalanced hormones and poor circulation.

Beauty sleep is the most powerful, better than any expensive creams. Once quality of sleep is improved, many health issues are solved.

One can be bloated simply due to lack of good rest which may cause imbalance in hormones. Many people experience symptoms like skin issues, headaches etc and they first seek medicine instead of looking at their lifestyle, sleep pattern and diet. They should always look to improve them first before loading up on more creams and drugs.

Jacelyn Tay 05/02/2020

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