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Hives, planning to conceive, 38 yr old, Customer's Testimonial.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Thanks @bodyinc and my gorgeous health coach @jacelyn_tay for treating my hives! I no longer need to take anti-histamine daily, it’s so awesome!

In Sofiae Lee's words:

"I was on all the wrong diet and taking all the ‘healthy’ foods (I thought) that actually trigger hives. So glad I found BodyInc and I am loving my current diet, I can eat unlimited fruits, veggies and meats and still be skinny! But hor no bubble tea for me anymore, gonna stop that for good. #mustnothavemybbt Overall thumbs up for this detox journey, not only my hives are gone, I feel healthy, skinner and complexion also better!

The Meridian massage also my fav, painful but result is awesome! #nopainnogain Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to detox in the most natural way!"


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