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Weight Management, 44 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Serene looked for me few months ago. She wanted to lose weight in a healthy way and thought detox would help. As she has hectic schedule and travels often, she needs to have a weight loss program that is sustainable.

She started with a weight of 61.2kg.

After 3 weeks of detox her weight reduced to 55.7kg, Visceral Fat dropped 1 level and body fat dropped a few %.

1st photo (Before 2OneReset® Detox Program): Bloated tummy and fats.

2nd photo (After 2OneReset® Detox Program): Visceral and body fat dropped.

But it didnt stop there. After she completed her detox program and started eating more but healthily, she continues to lose weight.

Last week she was at 53.7kg and Visceral Fat dropped another level, body fat dropped 2% more.

In her words, "And the best part is, the diet in detox program is sustainable."

Yes it is because the diet is wholesome and with a wide variety of healthy food. She is very happy with her weight loss results. I am glad she learns about nutrition and stop counting calories which is not the most vital of weight loss. The type of food is.

Jacelyn Tay 20/05/19

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