Case: Acne, gastric, bloating, 23 yr old

Case: Acne, gastric, bloating, 23 yr old

This client had her acne cleared by 80-90% and gastric 100% gone in 2 weeks.

How did she do it?

She also lost 5kg. When one detoxifies and eats right, everything improves holistically, be it skin, weight, energy, sleep etc.


Acne started in 2017 due to poor diet in the Hall and stress when she first got into University. It got really bad until 2018 when she saw a TCM, but it was still not entirely fixed. Jan 2021 she came to Body Inc., hoping to have clearer skin, learn how to eat right and lead a healthier lifestyle.

If you have acne and wonder how to fix it, first change your diet.

1) Avoid all sugar/dairy, that means more than 4000 products on shelves.

Acne has to do with an "acidic" body and bacteria issues. Constipation, acid reflux and gastric issues are common symptoms for acne people. This client used to skip breakfast, which I explained that was one out of the 3 daily meals deprived of nutrients. She would have 33% less nutrient intake daily. And her diet was mainly refined/oily carbs like fried rice/noodles/bread, unhealthy snacks like potato chips, lacking in fruits and vegetables. The main culprit was bubble tea which she took a lot during Uni days. At Body Inc., we have a group of young acne clients who used to take bubble tea daily. Cold sugary drinks plus milk is the recipe for acne to flare. Stagnation of blood, increased phlegm and dampness in the body might lead to weight gain and pimples/acne.

2) Avoid too spicy food or chemicals. One common culprit is ma la (麻辣)hot pot.

U know why you crave for it? The chemical flavourings in ma la soup usually upsets your digestive system which leads to hormonal imbalances and directly affects the liver and immune system, contributing to bacteria issues.

I was advised her with a laugh, CNY is coming but she has to avoid all goodies which contain sugar, gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts etc.

The only processed food approved in her diet plan is abalone! She told her mom she would leave all the junk goodies to others and she finishes all the abalone. Lolxx

Case: CS01546-2

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Jacelyn Tay 29/01/2021

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