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Common benefits a detox program have on weight loss.

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Detox is a crucial part of a weight loss program if you want to achieve long-term results.

Many clients on @bodyinc 's weight loss program commented that they were surprised by how fast they could overcome their cravings for chocolate, cakes and ice-cream few days into #2OneResetDetoxProgram.

They had sweet-tooth since young. They never seemed to be able to curb their cravings for desserts and always succumbed to temptations for sweet foods when trying to lose weight.

Detox is a crucial part of a weight loss program if one wants to achieve long-term results. Otherwise temporary adoption of a fad diet does not sustain the results because the body is still not able to efficiently bring sugar into cells, causing constant cravings for sweets to feel satisfied. If one keeps eating the wrong sugar, one ends up craving for more.

Common benefits a detox have on weight loss program:

1. No more tiredness/fatigue

2. No more breathlessness

3. No more giddiness

4. No more food cravings for potato chips or chocolate, cakes etc

5. No more bloating

6. No more constipation and no need to use probiotics/enzymes

7. Better sleep

8. No more allergies

Many find it extremely difficult to lose weight they reach 45 to 60. They are menopausing, had their womb removed, on HRT, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver and so on. Usually people of this age group find weight keep creeping up even with less eating. Many of our clients are only eating one meal a day but still cannot lose weight.

The most important is to "eat right".

Eating less is not a long-term solution because malnutrition can land one with more health troubles. The younger a person starts to detox, the easier and faster weight loss results one may see. However, that does not mean older ladies or men cannot achieve good results. As long as the diet is clean and body is detoxed, you should see improvement.

Jacelyn Tay 22/10/2020

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