Common benefits a detox program have on weight loss.

Updated: Aug 25

Past few days some clients who are on @bodyinc 's weight loss program said they were surprised they can overcome their cravings for chocolate, cakes, ice-cream etc within few days into #2OneResetDetoxProgram. They used to have sweet-tooth since young, were never able to curb their cravings for desserts and always succumbed to temptations for sweet foods when they try to lose weight using different methods/ go on a diet.

Detox is a crucial part of a weight loss program if you want to achieve long-term results. Otherwise temporary adoption of a fad diet cannot sustain the results because the body is still not able to bring sugar efficiently into cells, causing you to constantly feel like you need some sweets to feel good and satisfied. And if you keep eating the wrong sugar, you end up craving for more.

The common benefits a detox have on weight loss program:

No more tiredness/fatigue

No more breathlessness

No more giddiness