How to control cravings?

Updated: Mar 16

Someone asked me, “How to control our temptations when we have cravings for unhealthy food/beverage for someone who has ezcema/fatty liver etc...”

Well, when one craves for junk, it is cos one has not filled himself with the right food. When one is trapped in darkness, it is cos one has not let light in. When one is filled with hatred, it's cos one has not found love.

Do not focus on the junk, focus on eating the right food.

Cravings will go away automatically.

If we allow our mind and action to be dominated by the negative, we shall be it. But if we allow light to come in, allow love to come in, start exploring fruits and veg which are healthy, sooner or later, the bad ones will fade and disappear.

For those who find yourself trapped in a series of unfortunate circumstances, in wrong relationships, in poverty, in addiction to gambling/pornography/gluttony/alcoholism (吃喝嫖赌), in negative thoughts etc, don’t keep on fighting in the “washing machine” while u are in it and keep turning turning but still trap in it.

Look out of the washing machine, look at the world outside, focus your energy in getting out instead of fighting the bad inside.

The energy outside is different and once you get out, you never want to be back in again. Seek help from people outside not those inside the washing machine. They are in darkness too. You are not going to get anything out of those negative people who only complain or are depressed or full of hatred or lack wisdom. You are only going to feel more right and continue to get yourself washed with the dirty laundry.

Now get out and sun yourself dry in the light. You will be rid of the dampness and foul smell. By the time you get the fresh air and sunlight, you become a fresh piece of clean, fresh linen again.

Jacelyn Tay 29/01/2021

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