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Weight. Fatigue. 40 yr old.

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

This client fell sick at least once a month with flu, cough and fever since 2017.

She had no major health issue but she was always fatigue. Her visceral fat was at 8, body fat 38% and weight at 77.3kg. She wanted to lose weight and gain health. She started on Body Inc.'s detox diet and detox treatment on 8 Feb 2020. By 11 Feb, she lost 2.7kg, her visceral fat dropped from 8 to 7, her body fat went down from 38% to 37%. She felt very fresh and energetic. Usually such fast results were due to edema, which could be managed well with body detox treatments and the right diet. She only started supplements on 12 Feb. By 14 Feb, her visceral fat went down to 6 and body fat down further from 37% to 35%. In one week, she dropped 2 levels of visceral fat, lost 3kg and 3% body fat. Now she didn't need coffee to give her energy anymore. Her weight loss results were not typical. Most clients lose 3 to 6kg in 21 days. #2OneResetDetoxProgram is a health program, hence there is no restrictions on calorie intake.

Clients only need to eat right, they are not allowed to starve or feel hungry.

Her fast results were attributed to the change in diet and good nutrition. She seldom ate fruits prior coming to Body Inc. She used to worry that fruits were acidic, they could cause her to vomit. Once she took effervescent Vit C on empty stomach and she vomited.

We told her natural foods are unlike supplements. Usually they do not cause adverse effects unless she eats the wrong ones. She also heard that fruits are "cooling" and cause bloating. That is not true.

Few people with super sensitive stomach might have issues with citrus or cold fruits. However, most people have no issue at all. We should not hearsay and think that all fruits are "cooling" or eating fruits in the morning is cooling. It is a TCM concept and many deem it as truth. However, there are many other factors to consider. We should look at type of fruits, weather, lifestyle, food combination etc. If you had alcohol the night before, eating watermelon the next morning is best. If last night you had a feast, the next morning you may just want to have a banana for better poop. It all depends!

Eat a balanced diet. There are a lot to learn when it comes to food. It is not just about the nutrients in the food or one theory applies to all.

Jacelyn Tay 17/02/2020

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