Low Immunity; candida, 34 yr old

Updated: Mar 27

Case Studies: Acne, candida, 34 yr old Having acne, since 11 yr old, fibroid since 2011, hypothyroidism in 2014, left knee ligament reconstruction in 2015, this client fell sick once a month, had chronic fatigue syndrome, candida in the gut, a lot of white discharge and virgina yeast infection since young.

She had been taking probiotics and evening primrose oil. When we traced back, she was given much antibiotics since young whenever she had hives or fell sick. She always felt cold, wrists/calves/body ached during midnight (2-3 times a wk). When stressed, menses come within 2 wks and lasted for 8 days. She avoided carbs (starch and rice) for 2 yrs, acne improved a little but still a lot under the jawline. When I checked her diet, it consisted of bread, pretzels and spicy food. In fact spicy food was not good for acne and wheat gluten should be avoided too. Her body was too acidic. She was put on 2OneReset® Detox Program in end Nov 2019. After 4 days, her body aches were gone. She could sleep better, skin improved by 30%. But I warned her that for her case, because since young she had all those problems, we will need more time in terms of months to detox in order for her to be totally well, and diet is a major part.

Along the way, she discovered that sweet potato, rice, porridge papaya, oat caused bloatedness in her. Spicy food would immediately triggered more acne.

3 months plus later, yesterday when we met again, her chronic fatigue syndrome was totally gone. She used to feel tired by 11am. Yeast infection is gone too. Acne improved by 60%. She said somehow, one day 1 bowl of rice is ok but 2 bowls triggered bloating and more white discharge. I reckon her digestive system still needs more time to improve on digesting starch.

Continue nourishing the body to build strong stomach lining is key. Meanwhile, stay away from anything that causes bloatedness and acidic load.

Jacelyn Tay 13/03/2020

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