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Eczema. 25 yr old.

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Case CS01201

First, there is no short-cut in healing.

A healthy diet, lifestyle and mind have to work together in order not to bring in any more toxins while waiting for the body to remove existing toxins & rebuild the immune system. Food is the best medicine, or poison (junk food).

History: 2012 - this client started having eczema on her elbow and hands when she was 17 yr old. That was the time she started drinking a lot of beer in University.

2019 - she started work, eczema spread (see photos below). She took 1 course of steroid. Tension headache, needed to pee at 2am or 4am, felt tired.

4 Jan 2020 - started detox @bodyinc

30 Jan 2020 - no more night pee, no longer tired. Inflammation gone down quite steadily especially her arms, but still itching. Some ear block on her right ear and numbness/pins and needles on left side of the head.

17 Feb 2020 - Thighs were much better, no more itch. If she slept well, skin would be good. If not, she became more irritable and skin would flare. No more pins/needles. Didn't wake up at night due to itch, hence ample sleep gave her very good recovery and no more headache.

2 Apr 2020 - near full recovery.

1 Jul 2020 - past few months skin was good. More varieties of food could be added without flareup.

1 Oct 2020 - total recovery. Now waiting for little scars to heal.

Her healing journey is typical of eczema cases. Without relying on any drugs, antihistamine or steroid, this journey which totally based on a proper diet, some herbal supplementation and lifestyle requires time and patience.

A mindset determined to change old bad habits is crucial to total recovery.

The journey is even tougher for those with childhood eczema, TSW (topical steroid withdrawal) or had been taking antibiotics/antihistamines/steroid/immunosuppressants. With decades of toxins in the body, one cannot expect fast results with a few weeks of fruits and vegetables. Healing is from inside out.

Skin needs time to regenerate and repair. It takes months to more than a year for the immune system to rebalance & become stronger.

The good news is, eczema is manageable without drugs.

Jacelyn Tay 08/10/2020

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