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Childhood Eczema. 25 yr old.

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Case CS01508-2

On 15 Oct 2020, this client came to Body Inc with flareup on her entire body. She also experienced irregular heartbeat due to anxiety issues. We put her through our #2OneResetDetoxProgram.

After 3 weeks of detox, her skin eventually started to heal.

History: 4yr old (1999) - eczema started from her fingers.

From 7yr old to university days - eczema spread to neck, inner elbow, back of her knees.

Since Dec 2019 - bad flared-ups when she started drinking red wine with friends. Given 2 steroid injections.

Mar 2020 - 1 more steroid injection. Since then, her skin never recovered.

Prior to visiting Body Inc, this young client used to have cramps and blood clots during menses. After 21 days of detox, her menses came with no cramp or clot.

Thereafter she still experienced some itching at night around 11pm, but her sleep had improved a lot. Previously, she either could not sleep the entire night or only managed to sleep at 2-4am. Her anxiety had since gone. No more irregular heartbeat now.

Stress is one of the major factor for eczema. Whenever we handle an eczema or autoimmune case, the most tricky part is to deal with stress and insomnia.

This is a mind and emotional issue which need to be fixed. If not, immune system may be compromised and eczema becomes hard to heal.

For any skin problem, sleep is No.1.

This client was very happy with the results. As a young lady at age 25, she had the wisdom to know that drugs was not the long-term solution unless she fixed her immune system. She is very disciplined in her diet. Proud of her! 👍👍👏👏

Jacelyn Tay 10/11/2020

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