Eczema, 46 yr old.

Updated: Mar 16

Case CS01458-2

When this client came to Body Inc, she told us that she had got “holes in her hands”.

Her eczema was really bad (see photo). She did our 2OneReset Detox Program and her hands recovered within 21 days. Other body parts were healing too.

It all started 4 years back. Eczema flared up on her face & neck. Recently it spread to her hands. It was so painful that she could not apply moisturiser, or wash hands and clothes.

In her words, "Now I know how precious our hands are. I could not even sanitize my hands because it was unbearably painful."

History: She used to wake up in the middle of night, scratching very badly. Skin around virginal area and anus was super itchy too. Doctor prescribed steroid & antihistamine, but she refused to take.

She preferred TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). However, after trying TCM for 6 months, her eczema did not improve. She read a lot on her own about this skin condition. She tried bone broth method which didn't work.

3 yrs ago she tried ingesting lavender oil and infusing it at night, with a diet change to vegan. Her skin healed but she lost weight & fell sick. She had low blood pressure, and lavender lowered her BP further.

After that she went on more detox because her "teachers" said she had to cleanse with meal replacement shake, supplements, mineral water and essential oil on belly button. She had flareups on the entire back. Along the way eczema was on off in very small patches.

In 2019, she followed another teacher, drank camelina oil to detox - 30ml x 4 times daily, before sleep another 90ml. She put on a lot of weight and was very bloated. Then her legs was swollen like elephant legs. She went to the doctor, took antibiotics and the swell went down. (Please do not use weird remedies or diet especially when it comes to food. Wrong diet can cause a lot of trouble.)

April 2020, her eczema came back with an infection which she needed antibiotics to treat.

Eventually she came to realize that it must be her food.

Stress could not be the culprit because she was feeling totally ok.

She came to @bodyinc in July 2020, wanting to know how to eat right using a proper diet. A very diligent client, she made sure she did not eat those no-no foods that we advised her to avoid.

Diet is truly key to wellness.

Jacelyn Tay 25/08/2020

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