Adopt a brand new set of eating habits and positive lifestyle and thinking for a healthier body

I was so happy for this client of @bodyinc .

Now she can do without medication for gout after 3 weeks on our health program.

No more pain and digestive issues now..

She had gout and was on medication for 3 years. She had to take nerve medicine too to relax her muscles.

These 21days, with a conscious effort in changing her diet and lifestyle, she managed to lose weight and visceral fat and regain her health.

She also learnt what she food she should avoid and how to eat right.

This is the most important to me as a health coach. Because not only do we want to help reduce the present health issues, what I personally wish for them is to prevent other diseases by them adopting a brand new set of eating habits and positive lifestyle and thinking. Our hands, but God heals. All glory to God.

- Jacelyn Tay 06/04/19

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