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Weight Management, 30 yr old.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

This client came with allergies on the mouth and around left eye area.

After 2 months of detox, her allergies were totally cleared. She lost a total of 8.3kg, Visceral Fat dropped 2 levels.

What I want to highlight about her case is that she still had some little pimples on her upper arms. Her doctor told her it was genetic and she had to live with it.

When I heard that, I encouraged her, "No. Reject that. You can heal!"

If her allergy can recover, surely little pimples can heal too. Our body has its own innate intelligence to heal. Our body is designed to heal, if allowed proper rest, nutrition and lifestyle. She had cold hands and feet, numbness in the left arm and left leg often before she came to Body Inc. Bloated and with frequent flatulence, she had to use soaked oat to ease her bowel so that she could go every day. Her menses only comes once in 2 to 3 months since teenage. Her Visceral Fat was 9 and weight was 82.6kg. It takes time to heal and properly nourish the body.

I advised her to avoid dairy as she is obviously lactose intolerant. She started her detox program in Jun 19. By yesterday she weighs 74.3kg, She does not feel as cold now. Left arm has no more numbness. However, if she sits cross-legged, both legs will numb. So circulation still needs improvement.

Always give time for the body to heal. And do not believe that you should suffer in any sickness because of genes. Reject that. What you need is correct way of living and a positive mind.

Jiayou, all those who are waiting to heal. You can do it!

Jacelyn Tay 14/08/19

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